Did you recently move into a new home?

Residential Services

Protecting Your Home

We are experts at diagnosing home lock malfunctions. We are highly qualified, trained and educated in both installing new and repairing all residential hardware. When we come to you, we will assess your needs and advise you of the least costly choice. We do not immediately tell you to replace hardware, only if it’s absolutely necessary.  
Your safety is our utmost concern so we will give you advice on your security needs.  At Combination Lock and Safe we provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique security needs.

If you are the first to move into a brand new home… please get it re-keyed.

When it’s a brand new home many times the locks have been set up for multiple construction workers to access the property. When you take ownership, to protect your family and possessions, we always suggest the locks be re-keyed.
If it’s just a new home to you… please get it re-keyed.

If it’s an existing home that you are moving into, we suggest you get the locks re-keyed. Prior to you moving in, you have no idea how many keys can be floating around the town. To be safe, get your home re-keyed.

Do you have more than one key to open your home?

We can help you with that. If the locks are of the same manufacturer (keyway is the same), we can re-key the locks so that all the doors will open to just one key. No more worries of fumbling looking for the right key to go into the right lock. If you need to change out hardware to get the home all on one key, we offer hardware at competitive box store prices.

We Are Your Mobile Locksmith

Other Services

Locked your keys in your home… we can help you open the door

Lost or stolen keys…  We can let you in and make new keys to fit your existing lock or re-key your home so the old keys no longer work.

Need some extra security… we can install a deadbolt.

Patio Door Hardware, Key Extractions, Repair, Replace, Install all door hardware, and Electronic locks.  If you have purchased new door hardware and need to have an expert install it, give us a call.

We also have available peep holes, jamb re-enforcers, sliding door security bars, lock boxes and other helpful security hardware.  

Do you have a special sports team or do you want to make a statement… we carry designer keys too!