Safe Protection

Give us a call and we will help you decide on what type of safe is best for you.  Size matters… what you put in your safe and how much you have will determine the size and type of safe you need.
We will help you find the correct type of gun safe, from a quick entry handgun safe to a multiple long gun safe… Don’t let your guns get into tiny hands or the wrong hands!

Additional Services:

  • Safe Opening
  • Combination Change
  • Safe Anchoring
  • Mechanical Safe Dials changed to Electronic or Digital Keypads
  • Electronic Keypads changed to Mechanical Dials
  • Safe Maintenance​


Safe Locksmith

We have all the specialty equipment necessary to help you into your safe. Whether you lost the combination or the safe malfunctioned, we will help you get into your safe. Call us for consultation, we will get as much information from you over the phone and then give you the best price estimate. We have the knowledge to diagnose an issue. If we need to drill, our main goal is to have as minimal damage to the lock as possible. From a small personal safe with key entry to a large gun safe with mechanical or electronic keypad entry, Combination Lock and Safe can help you with your safe.

We also do maintenance on your safe. If your safe dial is sticking or giving you signs of not the “normal” feel… don’t close that door and lock it, instead give us a call and we will come service your safe.

Need a combination change? Give us a call. 

We Are Your Mobile Locksmith